A Poor Man’s Segway

This blog entry is a tribute to the nice weather of May and the first half of June. That weather was so much more pleasant than the rainy weather we have been having for about a week now. I can’t remember the last time I left the house without an umbrella in hand.

In May (when the weather was nice), we went and had a picnic in the park. The park is a little community park near our place. It’s only about a ten minute walk from our front door. It was relaxing and nice to eat outside.

Picnic in the Park

After our picnic we went and rented Tri-ways, which are basically a large tricycle you stand on. They are motorized however, which makes it fun. I have never been on a Segway, but a Tri-way is basically a poor man’s Segway.

Pete as "Mall Cop"

The helmets were just as fun as the motorized tricycles. My helmet came with goggles that made me look like a mall cop stuck in the outside world. The helmets were also shaped like the old style motorcycle helmets that you would see in a WWII movie.

Along our route we saw a very interesting set of figurines. There was a man playing a guitar, a woman reading and a little boy taking a leak. Check out the pictures if you want to see.

It was a fun day in pleasant weather. I miss May.

Check out the pics here.


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