Stuffing Our Faces

There’s an annual event that the city of Seoul puts off in May called the Seoul Friendship Fair. It’s an opportunity for Seoulites to experience some of the multiculturalism that is in their city. People can come and taste food from around the world and watch performances from a wide variety of countries. The three-day festival takes place near Seoul plaza which is in front of city hall and some of the surrounding streets.

As much as I enjoy a good cultural performance once in a while, I went there for the delicious food. It’s just a chance for me to stuff my face with food from everywhere for dirt cheap prices.

Eating a delicious empanada

We had wraps from the Egypt booth, amazing empanadas from the Paraguay booth, delicious vegetable stir fry from the Sri Lanka booth. That’s just to name a few. We ate food from 9 different countries in all.

Taste Testers

The highlight of the day was definitely the food but, a close runner-up would be the random Korean man in a full suit dancing up a storm on the street. He drew a crowd for sure! Check out the video in my pictures to see this and to have a good laugh.

The Seoul Friendship Fair is an annual event that I try to make it out too. Nothing like stuffing my face with amazing food!

Check out the pics here!


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