Spending Money in Kuala Lumpur

Our third day in Kuala Lumpur (KL) didn’t begin as well as our previous days in Malaysia’s capital. There was one reason why…Taxi drivers!
We left our hotel in the morning with optimism. We had a plan and we had a destination. All we needed was transportation. We decided that the best form of transportation for us would be a taxi. However, finding one with an honest and fair driver proved more difficult than expected. All taxi drivers we approached refused to run their meters and wanted to overcharge use for the ride. We approached five drivers in all and we walked away disappointed. Out of frustration, we decided that we would walk it. Luckily, we were approached on the sidewalk by a local who gave us directions to our destination. Not only was he helpful but he also brightened our morning of frustration.
After about a 30 minute walk in the heat, we did manage to reach our destination. The destination…(que drum roll)…a mall! Yes, that’s right, a mall. You may be wondering what was so special about this mall? You may be thinking it is one of those malls with an amusement park, an aquarium and other entertainment facilities. You would be wrong. It was just a regular mall with floor upon floor of stores.


One thing we knew we needed to do on this trip was to shop. I find that because of my height and shoe size I am unable to find clothes or shoes that fit me in Korea. I can find some things but the choices are limited and it can be hit or miss. The Pavilion Mall in KL was a perfect spot for me. I was able to pick up shoes and sneakers. My wife also picked up things for herself.


We didn’t spend the whole day within the mall and we did manage to get some more exploring in. One of the highlights was going to see the 5th tallest buildings in the world, the Petronas Towers. These buildings are the current headquarters of the oil and gas giant company, Petronas. These towers were completed in 1999 and for 5 years were the world’s tallest until Taipei 101 was completed.


Our third and final day in KL didn’t start off well, but after some directions given by a friendly local the day picked up. In the end, our last day was a great day. Our next destination is Penang, which is an island off the coast of Malaysia with a lot of colonial highlights and delicious food. Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “Spending Money in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Another great post! Yeah, taxi drivers must have to meet some international standard for larceny. Once when visiting Toronto, I got into a taxi at the train station, which is basically at the base of the CN Tower. After a good 15 minutes of driving, we drove right past it again, as if even a non-resident wouldn’t notice. When I got to my destination, I refused to pay the $40+ fare and told him to call a cop and if a cop did arrive, I’d get the incident number and send it along with a long letter to the Toronto tourist board and the taxi driver licencing authority. No cops came, but I “tipped” him $2 for the tour!

    So, it the island you’ll be visiting where they keep all the cure little Kuala bears? You’ve been there a while and not photos of those guys! (just kidding around!)

    So, is this island you will be visiting next where they keep those cute little Kuala bears? You’ve been there for a couple of days now and have not posted a single shot of them! (just kifdding

  2. This is such awesome timing! We are headed to KL this weekend! I will be stopping over there on my way back to Chennai from Australia and my husband will hop a flight over to KL to join me.

    Will you get to go to Borneo? That is where I really want to go, but there just wasn’t enough time to swing that for a weekend. We may need to come back for a longer stay to fit it in. I want to try and see probiscis monkeys there!

    • KL is a city that can be easily explored over a weekend. I hope you guys enjoy it.
      We are leaving Borneo in about an hour. We didn’t get as much time here as we would have liked, but it was a great experience to come here. We saw proboscis monkeys last night on a river cruise and we also saw orang-utans earlier in the week. It was cool to see them in the wild.

  3. I never liked KL in the first place to start off with. And yes the taxi drivers are not honest ppl. I was initially suppose to do my final year in KL but opted to do it in Penang because the environment in Penang is better and different than KL. During my recent trip to KL, we depend a lot of lrt and monorail. To get to Bukit Bintang (where pavillion is) we need to use monorail and walked about 10mins to the mall.

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