A Stream in Seoul

Seoul is a mega city. It’s a city full of cars and high rise apartment buildings. A city full of busy people in a hurry to get somewhere, in order to be busy when they get there. But Seoul is also a great city to get outside and enjoy the open air. The city has done a great job of providing places for people to relax and exercise. One example of this is how the city has taken advantage of the rivers and streams that flow through its quarters. Along most of these streams or rivers you will find walking and biking trails, basketball and badminton courts, exercise equipment and inline skating ovals. A couple of these streams are near my home and we enjoyed them on a recent holiday.

This fountain and the parallel trails were only recently completed over the past year or so.

There were a few ducks in different parts of the stream swimming and looking for food.

This path connects one side of the stream to the other.

The photo shows the contrast between the peaceful stream and the tall apartment buildings of this large city.

I love that I can live in a mega city and yet be within walking distance of exercising in nature.

When you think of Seoul you might think of traffic jams and a city with a high population density. You would be right, but the city has utilized the nature it does have, including its rivers and streams to provide places of outdoor leisure for its inhabitants. If you want to play basketball, strap on a pair of inline skates or grab your bicycle and go for a ride, you can just head to a nearby river or stream and leave the mega-city feel behind.

You can view the rest of the photos here.


8 thoughts on “A Stream in Seoul

  1. Hubby & I (together with our little boy) are thinking of going to South Korea for a brief visit. I just wonder if it is so hard to wander around…I mean, we don’t speak Korean and understand Korean.

    • I don’t think it’s that difficult, especially in Seoul. If you take public transportation such as the subway, you don’t need to understand Korean as everything is also in English. Let me know if you need any travel tips while you are here. I’m happy to help! Thanks for visiting my blog.

      • Yes, directions and street signs in English! I was told before that there were minimal signs written in English! Now, I know. Thanks for sharing and I will seek you out for those travel tips. 🙂

    • I’ve been to South Korea twice and don’t speak Korean very well. My wife is Korean, so I usually just follow her around. On the few occasions I’ve been allowed to roam around on my own, I haven’t had any problems even though it’s usually in residential areas not geared to tourists. I’ve had children of six or seven years old begin conversations with me (I don’t look Korean) eager to practice the English they’ve learned in school. Seoul, a megalopoulos, is immaculate compared to large North American cities.

      The Seoul Children’s Grand Park might be of interest to you. When I was there two years ago, admission was free and has a zoo, botanical garden, and all kinds of stuff that will keep you and your son busy all day. If you intend to get around by subway, the nearest station is the Children’s Park Station. Easy to remember.

      I hope The Places We’ve Been doesn’t mind me saying this but once you’ve finished looking at this blog come over to mine and look for my tag cloud labelled “What HoaiPhai’s obsessing over.” and click on the tag “Korea”. There are a bunch of pictures and some interesting Korean fables in the two posts so tagged.

      It’s a great country and Seoul is an amazing city with much to offer tourists. It is not without its scam artists, like anywhere else, so be careful. I’ve never had any problems and felt safe everywhere I’ve been.

      Korea has great services for tourists including a service you can call and they’ll even help with translating if you get yourself in over your head. You can find info here http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/GK/GK_EN_2_7_1_1.jsp and I suggest you look around the rest of this site, Korea’s tourist board.

      Enjoy your trip!

      • These are some great tips.

        Seoul Grand Park also has a zoo and an amusement park, it’s more expensive than Children’s Grand Park, but is a great place to spend an afternoon.

        Feel free to check out HoaiPhai’s blog. I’ve been faithfully reading it for months now and it is quite interesting.

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