My Unconventional Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs passed away yesterday at the age of 56. I could at this point go on about his accomplishments, his net worth or his innovative ideas, but instead I will write a timeline of one of my typical days and highlight each and every time I used an Apple product. A product that came out of the company that Steve helped to create and fueled with his creative ideas.

6:30 AM: I wake up to the gentle piano sound of my alarm clock, which is actually the Living Earth app on my iPad.

6:35 AM: I crawl out of bed, grab my iPad and read a few chapters in my Bible, which is found on on the Youversion app on my iPad.

7:35 AM: I check out the weather for today on the WeatherEye HD app on my iPad so I can dress appropriately.

7:45 AM: I turn on my iMac and then iTunes to listen to some morning music as I read a book and eat breakfast.

8:35 AM: I sit down at my desk at work. I turn on my iPad and look over my to-do list (2Do app) for the day.

10:35 AM: I switch on my iPad again and listen to music as I work.

1:40 PM: Once again, I turn on my iPad, recheck my to-do list, turn on the music again and get back to work.

3:00 PM: I turn on my iPad to look up a few words on the Dictionary app as I plan future lessons.

4:30 PM: I check off things on my to-do list and see what I have to do tomorrow all by using my iPad.

5:00 PM: Turn on my iMac at home, check my blog stats and read some posts I enjoy.

5:30 PM: Check out the TV Forecast app on my iPad and see what my wife and I can watch over dinner.

6:30 PM: Watch a TV show with my wife as she checks out the latest happenings on facebook on her iPod Touch.

7:45 PM: I’m back in front of my iMac, listening to music on iTunes and writing this blog about Steve Jobs.

I could have written a ton about Steve in this post, but instead I wanted to show you how Steve and his company have changed the way we do life. They changed the way we communicate, enjoy entertainment, listen to music, read books, read the news, etc… Through their creative and innovative ways they have changed many things in our lives. We haven’t even realized the many ways we can use his products to make this world a better place.


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