Exploring the Age-Old Buildings of Gyeongbok Palace

One of the things I discovered about Korea when I arrived here was how old it is. Coming from Canada, a country that was founded in 1867, the age of Korea blows me away. One of the best ways to experience how ancient this country is, is to explore its old palaces. The largest of these is Gyeongbok Palace near downtown Seoul.

This palace was originally built in 1384 by King Taejo who was the first king of the Joseon dynasty. The palace buildings have been damaged by fires and invasions by the Japanese over its long history. During the Japanese occupation, all but ten of the palace buildings were destroyed. The South Korean government has been restoring portions of the palace over the years, and this will continue for many years to come.

This palace is one of my favorite places in Seoul to stroll around and take pictures. Even though Gyeongbok palace is located in a busy area of Seoul, when you are in the middle of it enjoying its beauty, it’s a very peaceful place.

Korea’s age still amazes me. Gyeongbok Palace is one of the best places to experience its ancient history. Just by strolling around its many buildings, you are stepping back into the past.


5 thoughts on “Exploring the Age-Old Buildings of Gyeongbok Palace

  1. Ah I love South Korea. The palace is amazing, I loved strolling around the far end of the compound where it was nice and peaceful. Great post.

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