Our Christmas (in pictures)

Our Christmas starts with the Christmas Eve tradition of watching a Christmas movie and pigging out on junk food. We always watch Elf and this year we also watched It’s a Wonderful Life in our Christmas movie double-header.

Before we open any presents on Christmas morning we make sure to remember the real reason why we celebrate this important holiday. We read the Christmas story found in the book of Luke in the Bible and we also pray. Reading the story has been jazzed up this year as we read it on our iPad 2.

Then someone plays Santa (myself) and hands out the presents one-by-one, as everyone else watches what loot they have been given.

Next, comes the opening of the stockings. The stockings in our home are usually stuffed with chocolates and various candies. Basically, more junk food!

Of course, Christmas Day wouldn’t be complete without a stomach-full of delicious food. Later came the after-dinner coma which hit us all pretty hard.

I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas!



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