Moving in South Korea

Ahhh….The cardboard box! Is there a greater symbol in the world that represents moving? The act of packing up your earthly belongings and moving them from one location to another can be summed up in a light and practical recyclable container. Last week we used a number of boxes as it was moving week for us. We sold and donated things we didn’t need, want or couldn’t bring with us. We boxed up the irreplaceables and shipped them and everything else will be brought on our backs and carried in our hands to the airport.

The last time we moved was actually within Seoul. At that time the cardboard box was not a symbol for us. The ladder-lift truck is a more accurate symbol for moving in Korea. Most people live in high-rise apartments. This makes moving a little more difficult. Instead of going up an down the elevator you can hire a ladder-lift truck. These trucks have a platform  that can reach a window in your apartment. Items are then placed on the platform and lowered to the moving truck below.

Both the cardboard box and the ladder-lift truck are symbols of moving. Both sum up the practical side of packing yourself, your family and your belongings up and relocating them elsewhere. The emotional side of moving to another place is a different story.


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