7 Things I’ll Miss About Seoul

1. Transportation in Seoul is cheap, extensive and easy to use.

2. Seoul has a number of great palaces to explore how Korea used to be, especially for its royalty.

3. Street food in Korea is inexpensive and tasty.

4. The city hosts a number of festivals throughout the year. My favorite has always been the Seoul Friendship Fair.

5. The mighty Han River.

6. The friends we have made from around the world.

7. I’ll miss the challenges and joys of teaching. As well as the amazing children.

Bonus: I’ll definitely miss my home church here. I’ll miss everything from the community of my small group to the challenging teaching times and everything in between. If you need a home church while in Korea check out Onnuri English Ministries (www.onnurienglish.org).

For those of you who have lived here, currently living here or have visited Seoul; what do or will you miss about Seoul?


3 thoughts on “7 Things I’ll Miss About Seoul

  1. I know a lot of people who have done the teaching programs in Korea and all said what a great experience it was! It’s nice to know you lived somewhere new and influenced so many lives in doing it. Good luck in your next adventure!

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