Elliston, The Root Cellar Capital of the World

A town near my parent’s home has its own little claim to fame. Their claim is that they are the root cellar capital of the world. This village has approximately 135 root cellars.

This little town is also another great spot to view icebergs that float by.

This little village and nearby Maberly are quite picturesque. The rugged beauty makes for great photos. The town also also a puffin colony and these birds, with colorful beaks, may be seen up close without binoculars. Unfortunately, the birds come at a different time of year then when I visited.

The towns also have a number of old homes that are fun to photograph. They look like they have long been abandoned, with the peeling paint, yet the curtains are still in the windows.

These binoculars would have been great for viewing the nearby island, but weren’t working when we visited. This was probably because it is not tourist season yet.

There is also a great little beach in town. It was a great place to take some shots of the ocean, waves and a nearby stream. The rocks also look great through a camera lens.

Elliston and nearby Maberly are great little towns to photograph. You can come for the 135 root cellars and stay for the iceberg and bird watching.


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