Why Homemade Pizza Tastes Better!

Homemade pizza seems to always taste better than delivery or frozen.

I don’t know if it’s the freshly chopped pepperoni.

Or maybe its the carefully kneaded dough with a sprinkling of flour.

It could be the hearty helping of juicy pineapple.

It might even be how evenly distributed every delicious topping is.

It could quite possibly be how hot and tasty it looks coming out of your own oven.

In the end, the reasons mentioned above don’t really matter. The evidence of one whole pizza being devoured in one sitting is enough of a reason for me.





11 thoughts on “Why Homemade Pizza Tastes Better!

  1. I agree one hundred percent. Homemade also gives you so much flexibility. You can really make the pizza YOU want. We have homemade pizza every Friday night and eat it on the floor on a picnic blanket while watching a movie with our kids. It’s a lovely tradition, and super delish.

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