Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Sunset over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea.

Both of these photos were taken in Boracay, Philippines.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

  1. All great shots! I, too, miss Korea and won’t be back for a while but three of my wife”s relatives are coming here to stay for a week so the kimchee is fermenting in anticipation.

      • The grand-niece wants spaghetti, so that’s Day #1. My sister-in-law requested the exotic Canadian delicacy of club sandwiches, so I’ll be making a traditional Christmas turkey the day before. And one day I’ll have a really Canadian theme with a bias toward my hometown of Montreal… eggs, back bacon, and pancakes (with Quebec syrup, of course), lunch will be smoked meat sandwiches, and for dinner succotash (this is not Montrealish but is First Nation’s food). One day I’d like to make some Greek food (I’m of Greek ancestry) so maybe a capama or pastitsio or souvlaki with dolmathes (which we call jokingly “Greek kim-bap”). I also wanted to serve “hanburgers” one night… a variation of hamburgers that has loads of garlic and gochu-garu mixed in with the meat and is topped with tender kimchee. Last year I bought a tabletop BBQ expressly for making galbi, but haven’t used it even once but it’s there in case the visitors want something authentic!

        My wife’s relatives’ baggage is never the problem when it comes to overloading the jet on their return flight — it’s the weight my in-laws gain while eating during their visits!

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