Visiting the Easternmost Point in North America

If you have been following this blog you know that we have recently moved from Seoul, South Korea, the city where we had been living for 6 years. What you may be wondering is where are we now? We are in the furtherest east you can go in Canada at the moment. In fact, I recently went to the easternmost point in all of North America (excluding Greenland). A place called Cape Spear.

It’s a great place to watch ships leave and enter St. John’s harbor. It’s also a great lookout spot for icebergs.

Cape Spear has some great trails, but beware: there are a lot of cliffs. This fence won’t stop you if you fall!

My good friend and old roommate, Matt took me out there to experience the views.

The lighthouse is the second-oldest in the province and dates back to 1834. It has since been named a Canadian Historic Site and is open to the public at certain times of the year.

There are cliffs everywhere and if you are not careful, you could really hurt yourself, but if you stay on the paths, you should be fine. There are even stairs at certain points.

This photo illustrates why you should stay on the marked paths.

The shoreline is rocky, yet beautiful. A great place to see the mighty ocean waves crashing upon the rocks.

Canada truly begins here if you start in Newfoundland and head west. Canada also ends here if you start in BC and head east.

The cape was also used during the Second World War. Portions of the underground bunkers can be explored by tourists. It is a little eery, but a great perspective on how the soldiers lived as they were stationed here.

So, this is where we are right now. In the easternmost province in Canada. It’s quite a big difference from the Asian metropolis of Seoul! If you are ever out here, maybe I can bring you to the furthest east you can go in North America besides Greenland.


8 thoughts on “Visiting the Easternmost Point in North America

  1. Awesome photos. Looks like you had much better weather than the day I was out at the Cape. We were at the edge of the world, looking into nothing – rain and clouds….it was very mystic!

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