Stroll in Stanhope, Newfoundland

We took a little stroll after dinner the other day. Just down past my inlaws’ place, along a small highway. They live in a small town called Stanhope, Newfoundland.

I must say, it’s nice to be so close to the ocean again after 6 years inland in Seoul.

Some people have the pleasure to wake up next to the ocean everyday. I’m a city guy myself, but I can see why people would like it.

This little gem of a stream was directly across the highway from the ocean. The white patches by the trees is in fact snow. Yes, it’s still somewhat cold here.

Not bad scenery for a little evening stroll. Especially when these beautiful views are just five minutes from where you’re staying.


7 thoughts on “Stroll in Stanhope, Newfoundland

  1. I am fortunate enough to live a gentle five minute stroll from the Indian Ocean, but daft enough to often forget it’s there!

    Like Ladakh, Newfoundland appears to be both bleak and beautiful. It’s somewhere I’ve never visited, but think I might have caught a glimpse of in the film “The widow of Saint Pierre”

    • I’ve never been to India, but would love to visit someday. I’ve never seen “The Widow of St. Pierre”. I’ve actually never been to St. Pierre, but I’m hoping to get there sometime this year.

      • It’s a beautiful and very powerful film. But, to be honest, I think I could watch Juliet Binoche reading a telephone directory and be moved!

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