Dandelion Seeds

As she walks along the wooded path something catches her eye. There by her sandaled feet is a dandelion. Suddenly, her mind is taken back to her childhood,  a past when she had the time to pick many dandelions and distribute their seeds by gently blowing on them. “Why not now?”, she thinks. Why couldn’t she take the time to pick a dandelion now and send its seeds flying into the wind?

She pauses…there is nothing to stop her. She bends down and chooses the seeded flower. With a gentle pull it comes out of the ground. She looks at it, smiles and then begins to blow.

The seeds take flight. Some of them go to the left and some to the right, but all of them end up falling to the ground below.

She twirls the flower as she gently, but precisely blows. She is careful to make sure every seed breaks free.

She smiles as looks at the now naked stem before dropping it. Her childhood memories begin to fade as she continues to walk on the wooded path.


7 thoughts on “Dandelion Seeds

  1. hehe looks like fun! I love Dandelions. I remember when we visited Toledo at Easter and there were loads of Dandelions on the side of the road. I was running through them and stomping on them like a little kid. Also blowing a hand of of them into other peoples faces. Fun times!

  2. Dandelions… the unsung hero of botany. My nine-year-old grandniece from Seoul came for a week’s visit Victoria and she scattered the seeds of every dandelion that she could get her hands on that was “ripe”. Thanks for letting us know that some little girls never grow up completely.

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