Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This is a photo of something that makes me dream. When life is a little too stressful or the winter days are too long, I day dream about a scene like in the photo below.


This photo was taken from beautiful White Beach in Boracay, Philippines.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Sunset over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea.

Both of these photos were taken in Boracay, Philippines.

The Ways We Get Around

As you travel the world you get to see many different modes of transportation. Here are some photos taken from different places I’ve visited of the different ways people get around.

A motorcycle/car. (Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka)

Elephant ride. (Sri Lanka)

Kia’s new electric car; Ray. (Bukchon, Seoul)

Boat (Marina Bay Sands Mall, Singapore)

Boat taxi (Kuching, Malaysia)

Triways (Seoul)

Zipline (Boracay, Philippines)

Buggy Car (Boracay, Philippines)

Sailboat (Busan, South Korea)

Junk ship (Ha Long Bay, Vietnam)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Nothing says peaceful like watching a sunset from a tropical beach on a relaxing vacation. This photo was taken in February 2011 in Boracay, Philippines.

This photo might look like the opposite of peaceful, but on the divided Korean peninsula, it is. Though the two Koreas are still technically at war without a peace treaty, it is quite peaceful here. This photo shows how fragile peace can be. This photo was taken at Panmunjum in the Korean DMZ.