Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This is a photo of something that makes me dream. When life is a little too stressful or the winter days are too long, I day dream about a scene like in the photo below.


This photo was taken from beautiful White Beach in Boracay, Philippines.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

This week was definitely a challenge for me because I usually delete any photos that are unfocused. I did manage to find a couple though that didn’t end up in my virtual trash bin.

This photo was taken in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This photo was taken at the Semmegoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Malaysia. Can anybody guess what animal is making its way through the trees?


From a Train to a Dungeon in Bonavista

Some of you may be wondering where we currently are. Well, we are in Canada. More specifically we are in Canada’s most easternly province called Newfoundland and Labrador. The island portion of the province is called Newfoundland and it sits at the most easterly point in North America. One of the most scenic towns in Newfoundland is Bonavista, which was the landing point for John Cabot some 500 years ago.

Though it may look pretty bleak in winter, in summer the town comes alive with tourists, B&Bs, craft shops and museums.

One of the draws of Bonavista is the high chances of seeing an iceberg. These giant moving pieces of ice float down from the frigid Arctic and past Newfoundland on their journey south. The iceberg in the picture above is quite small by icebergs standards and I will share a photo of a larger one in a future blog post.

Fishing still makes up part of the workforce in the town. While we were taking photos on the wharf, a number of fisherman were preparing their vessels for the upcoming season. These boats are as colorful as the town itself and have some very unique names.

The trains haven’t been in operation on the island for decades. This train is on display in the town and gives tourists and locals a chance to look into the past.

Dungeon Provincial Park in Bonavista is centered around the dungeon itself. Here the ice-cold waters of the Atlantic flow in through caves to an opening on the inside. On this day we were lucky enough to see some large pieces of ice floating through the caves as well.

The views from the park are of the rugged coastline and the Atlantic ocean.

Bonavista is a great town to visit, especially in Summer. From the colorful boats and houses to the mighty icebergs, its also a great place for taking photos.


Kicking it Korean Style in Portland

Moving from Korea didn’t necessarily mean we would have to give up our Korean lifestyle. Most major cities in North America have some of the foods and other things you would have in Seoul. While we were in Portland we managed to dive a little into our Korean side.

There are a couple of places in downtown Portland where you can choose from a variety of food trucks to eat from. One of these trucks offers a bit of Korean fusion food. At Boolkogi Taco, they take the sweet tasting bulgogi beef and put it in, you guessed it..tacos.

They were small, but quite tasty. Two tacos and a soft drink was $6. Not bad for lunch.

Another Korean activity we enjoyed while living in Seoul was karaoke. Karaoke in Seoul consists of renting  a private room for you and your friends. Voicebox in Portland also offers private rooms.

Once in the room, the process is pretty simple.

First, you choose a song from one of the song books.

Next, belt it out for your friends listening satisfaction.

It’s nice to know that moving from Seoul doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to Korean culture for good. Korean culture can be found in most major cities in North America. It was nice to have experienced some of it in Portland.

Exploring in Portland

We recently had the opportunity to visit great friends that we met in Korea who now live in Portland, Oregon. They were our hosts and tour guides around the great city of Portland. Portland is one of the three big cities in the Pacific Northwest of North America. The other two would be Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Portland has a great downtown that is best explored on foot. You can go on foot to great bookstores, coffee shops, clothing stores, etc.

Public Domain is one of these great little coffee shops. This shop differs than other coffee shops in the fact that the coffee bar is at about waist level which allows you to see the baristas making your caffeine beverage.

The Willamette River cuts through the center of the city and is an easy stroll from downtown.

The banks of the river provide places of leisure for the citizens of Portland. You can jog, run, bike and roller blade on the cement path. Those who don’t participate in any of these activities can watch those who do. That’s the sport we participated in beside the river, the sport of people watching.

When you are jogging, running or biking you can’t appreciate the well-groomed poodles and the men who walk them.

Portland is a great city to explore. The downtown is especially nice to stroll around in. Our great friends (Jordan & Kyla) were great tour guides. Many thanks!!!

Being Active in Boracay

As I mentioned in my previous post, we didn’t just spend our whole vacation eating and relaxing on the beach. We actually took an afternoon to be active. There are many activities that you can participate in on Boracay Island that will get you away from your hotel from boat rides, to renting a sea-doo to hiking. We chose to rent a buggy car and go zip lining.

One of the reasons I wanted to drive  a buggy car to Mt. Luho is because I thought it would be an off road adventure. I pictured us maneuvering through a forest trial, splashing through mud puddles and navigating around large rocks. My hopes were a little dashed when the trail was not a trail, but a road and a paved road at that. It was still fun to be behind the wheel of a nontraditional vehicle and it sure beat walking to the top of Mt. Luho.

Driving our buggy car in Boracay

Once we got to the top, we decided on the spot to go zip lining. Well, with a little convincing from our guide. I’m glad we did. Zip lining is always a fun activity and when the trees are below your feet and all you can see is the beautiful water surrounding Boracay, it makes for an amazing experience.

Last minute preparations

Cindy enjoying the view

You can be lazy on your beach vacation in Boracay and you can be active (even for an afternoon), and either way you are having fun. I’m glad that we had a bit of both.

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